Titans & Rare Drabbits consist of a collection of the most exquisite creatures we have ever crafted. When creating these Drabbits, we experiment and push the bounds of our creativity to produce Drabbits that are extraordinary, innovative, a marvel to look at, and a joy to operate.


Reef has a unique operational mechanism enabling their mouth to move through the head motion cable control. When the cable is pushed slightly the head will move as standard and when pushed further the mouth opens allowing for you to capture lifelike motion all with a singular cable.


Reef has a smoke resovior within a flexible bulb that when squeezed produces a "smoke" cloud of baby powder from their mouth. Reef's second cable enables them to flap their wings and wag their tail.


  • Drabbits are curious creatures that have evoked wonder in millions and inspired creativity for decades. These handcrafted puppets ride on your shoulder and are fun and easy to animate with their cable controls.