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We make fantasy shoulder puppets.

Bring creative play to your everyday...

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...and let your imagination roam free.


More than ever, your ability to find creative ways to enjoy yourself and engage with loved ones is being put to the test.


Thankfully, there is an endless fountain of creativity tucked away in your imagination. Tap into it and become the hero you were born to be, but remember, every hero needs a sidekick!


Drabbits are curious creatures that have evoked wonder in millions and inspired creativity for decades.

These handcrafted puppets ride on your shoulder and are fun and easy to animate with their cable controls.


Adopting a Drabbit is simple.

1. Visit our shop and find your Drabbit match.

2. Let your imagination roam free... You'll quickly experience the wonder & creative joy that comes with owning a Drabbit!

3. Share your experience & expand your Drabbit Family!

What People Say About Drabbits

Every Drabbit is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee!


"In a world where apps and pop stars are replacing chivalry and possibilities, everyone needs to have a little dragon to sit on their shoulder and whisper in their ear that there is a world of magic out there."

Kayla L.


"As children, wonder comes easily. As we grow up, most people lose this sense of wonder. The fantasy that we once had slowly fades away, and we let our dreams fall to the wayside. But if we could revive those dreams, encourage that wonder, and find that bit of magic again, who knows what we could do? That is what Drabbits do. There is a magic to them, giving them a whole life of their own and inspiring all who encounter them."

Joshua A.


"I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring Fillip into my life. I love him greatly and it makes me happy every morning to see him perched there when I wake up."

Chelsea K.


Don't let anything box you in.

Let your imagination roam free.

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