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Our Why

Within every person, there lies an unending source of creativity. A limitless fountain of creative potential tucked away in your imagination. Unlock it, exercise it, let it flow, and witness the world change around you. Letting it sit, unexplored, is like holding a lifetime pass to the most exhilarating amusement park, and only ever standing in the lines.

We like to think of puppets as art that comes alive. The magic is in how they naturally tap into the imaginations of the people around them. Put a puppet in someone’s hands and watch how they, almost instantly, begin to express themselves and engage others in new, fun, and creative ways. Sometimes it inspires a new persona or births a character, spawning a dynamic duo. Other times they serve as an interactive prop or storytelling tool. All the time, it’s fun. Around here, we call this creative play.


Our mission is to inspire creative play in the lives of as many people as possible.


The most effective way we’ve found to achieve this is with a tool that is imaginative and versatile, encouraging people to engage their imaginations. We call it, The Drabbit. Drabbits are fantasy shoulder puppets and curious creatures that have evoked wonder in millions and inspired creativity for decades. Every Drabbit is unique and handcrafted by a small team of skilled artisans at our studio in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

With a Drabbit on your shoulder and an appetite for adventure, the fun never ends!

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