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Our Story

The inventor of The Drabbit, Albert Alfaro, discovered puppetry at about the age of 6. Through watching the ventriloquism greats of his time, like Jimmy Nelson & Paul Winchell, he became hooked and developed a genuine love for the art form. This admiration stayed with him throughout his childhood and well into adulthood. He frequently used Play-Doh, socks, and strings, then later cables, pulleys, and gears, to make puppets of his own. It wasn’t the puppets themselves that he was enamored by; it was the opportunity they presented— the opportunity for creative expression and for both puppeteers and audiences to share a brief escape from reality. The joy and excitement he experienced through these simple puppets are what Albert fell in love with and what he wanted to share with the world.

Fast forward to 1977; Albert invents the mechanism responsible for the life-like movements and realism that his puppets are now known for producing. He later applied for and was granted a US Patent for the invention. It was from this mechanism that Wise Aces were born. Wise Aces were little imp-like creatures designed to sit on your shoulder and animate via a concealed cable control system. They are now retired but were the precursor to Drabbits.


Through decades of innovation, experimentation, and feedback, Wise Aces evolved into Drabbits, the whimsical fantasy creatures of today. Visit our shop; whether it’s dragons, griffins, unicorns, woodland critters, or hybrid creations, there is never a shortage of mythical sidekicks in the Imaginarium Adoptorium!

With a Drabbit on your shoulder and an appetite for adventure, the fun never ends!

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