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Imagination Station

Welcome to the Imagination Station! A place for you to have fun while exercising your imagination and sharpening your creativity. Did we mention you can win free Drabbits here too? Guess what— you can win FREE Drabbits here!  The Imagination Station aims to provide creative exercises, fun activities, & exclusive contests that inspire, reward, & shine a spotlight on your creativity!

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Have fun and never stop creating!


Watercolor Drabbit by Ashley T.

Art contest winner at 12 years old


Creative Exercises

Exercise your imagination with these simple and effective tests. Try them just for fun or when you’ve hit a creative block and need to get the juices flowing again. Tip: They’re even more fun if you do them with others— you can compare results and see how everyone thinks differently!

The Incomplete Figure Test


The Incomplete Figure Test was developed by creativity innovator Ellis Paul Torrance in the late sixties.

During the test, you’re given incomplete shapes then asked to complete the images in a set amount of time, usually around 60-90 seconds per image. This creative exercise is easy and fun for all ages! Check out our examples below, then download and print any slides from the gallery when you’re ready to give this exercise a try for yourself.


The 30 Circles Test

Hover/Click for example


The 30 Circles Test was developed by creativity researcher Robert McKim. It’s another fun and simple creative exercise for all ages.


To complete this test, you’ll need a page that has 30 circles on it. You can download and print ours if you’d like. The goal of the test is to adapt into objects or fill in as many circles as as you can with patterns, shapes, ideas, etc. The whole point is to use your imagination, so there’s no wrong way— there is a catch though, a time limit! We give ourselves around 3-5 minutes. Focus on quantity over quality and try not to second guess ideas; go with whatever comes to mind.

Download & print our template here

30 Circles

Creative Activities

Next time you’re bored, give one of these creative activities a try; they’re fun for all ages! We plan to continue adding content here, so check back often for more fun!

Coloring Pages & Art Frames